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Eat Hike Live is a book with mixed content of well researched and fine text, pretty photography and handsome design as well as hand drawn maps and many illustrations, which makes it a feast to the eye.



For Katharina and Vera from „Eat Write Live“ traditional travel guides started to become obsolete. Both of them loved to travel the world and see destinations like Alaska, Chile, British Columbia, Brittany or Australia – but deep inside there was a need for a companion or friend, who shows you around and tells you about the people who live at this place. But if there’s nobody – who or what will do the trick? That’s where their extraordinary travel guides come into play: It all started out in 2013, when „Eat Surf Live“ – the Cornwall companion was released. With the help of crowdfunding and some sponsors, the two Austrian ladies succeeded in printing their first book, of which they were sold out in just a year.

This showed them that there are enough German speaking travellers out there who’d like to know more about the backgrounds of the countries they travel to. People, who enjoy secret spots, good food and new friends and – of course – who appreciate the path of sustainable travelling. So Katharina and Vera started to work on a travel book about their home – Styria – the greenest county in Austria. This second book should speak the same cheeky language as the first one, always witty, always critical. Eat Hike Live should again feature special characters who live their dream and tell the people out there what to see and where to go to in their area.

And again: It should be a book that the readers love to look at – again and again. Each time, somebody thumbs through it, a new lovely detail can be discovered. So – again – Eat Hike Live is a mix of well researched and fine text, pretty photography and handsome design as well as hand drawn maps and many illustrations, which makes it a feast to the eye.



Art Direction and Design: Simon Lemmerer
Illustration: Simon Lemmerer & Katharina M. Zimmermann
Photography: Katharina M. Zimmerman
Portfolio Photography: Katharina M. Zimmerman & Simon Lemmerer