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The direction of the Landestheater Niederösterreich invited
us to participate in the tendering for the redesign of its
public image including a new logo, a complete branding,
external communication concept, an editorial design
for several print media, a responsive web design,
a redesign of theatre’s interiors and exteriors
as well as a signage system and a
marketing concept.


Corporate Design:

Our design concept is eye-catching, adaptable as well as playful and mirrors the variety of the theatre plays. We decided to shorten the long name of the theatre for conceptual and design reasons and created an acronym. It is very well integrated into the entire concept and the diacritics also provide the key visual. Lively, variable, contemporary – those are some of the concepts guiding the redesign of the brand image.

We regret that our concept did not emerge as the winning one, but we would like to present our work nonetheless.

Package- and Editorial Design:

As an additional visual element we added a cone of light, as light is not only the base of visual images, but also an important component of a theatre play. The cone, in combination with the logo, is used as key visual and together with the illustrations for the plays it forms the basic compositional element of the design.
The combination of the different elements, the matching typography and the reduced colours create a unique image for the theatre – modern and diverse, just as the plays are. The series of icons for the individual plays sizes on the playful design and allows for creating print products while the plays are still being developed and current images might not be available yet.



The web design is based on a mix of illustrations and photos and takes up the style of the print products. Our focus was on clarity and simplicity for a quick and easy order process. We adapted the website to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, allowing for a flexible use.



Client: Landestheater NÖ
Concept and Creative Direction:  Melanie Kraxner and Simon Lemmerer
Corporate Design: Melanie Kraxner, DREIZEHN&FÜNF DESIGN STUDIO
Art Direction: Melanie Kraxner and Simon Lemmerer
Photography: Marion Luttenberger